Help - Overview It has been known for centuries that the human brain acts like a muscle, getting stronger and stronger as you use it. PetMem is a game that excersizes your memory skills with some fun animal illustrations that anyone of any age can enjoy! See if you can beat your own high score and enjoy the benifits of a higher mental functionality!

Each Card has 100 potential points. Click 2 cards to see if you can find a match. If the cards you click are not matches, each card's points will decrease by 20 points, and the cards are flipped back over. Cards will always have at least 10 points. When you do find a match, the remaining points will be added to you're score. (Cards tab for more info)

As you progress in the levels, the amount of cards in play will increase as well as the complexity of visual information. Besides Bonus Levels a certain score is required in order to progress to the next level. (Scoring tab for more info)

Click the tabs for more detailed info on how to play. To exit the Help screen, press the "X" button on the top right of this window.
Scoring - The Score Panel To progress, you will need to have a level score that is at or over the level threshold. (Bonus levels do not have a threshold). Each level threshold will be shown at the beginning of the level. When you start the level, the bar (C) will be yellow. When you have met or exceeded the level score, this bar will turn green, as shown below.

A: Main Score
This is the main score that will carry across levels.
B: Level Score
This is the score that has accumulated at the current level.
C: Score Bar
This bar represents how close you are to passing the level, in percentages. When you have passed the level threshold, this bar will turn green (pictured)
D: Level Info
This is the name of the current level and level description.
Cards - What they do To play the game, click the cards to flip them over. Try to find 2 cards that match. Then match all the cards on the board without making too many mistakes to progress to the next level.

Each card starts with a possible 100 points. Every time an unsuccessful pair has been flipped (B), each card has 20 points deducted from thier score. The cards can never have below 10 points. In this scenario (B), the cards had 80 points and lost 20 points each, and thier new totals are 60. Every time a successful pair has been flipped (A), both card's scores are added to the player's score. In this scenario (A), the cards had 80 points each, and the player has gained 160 points.
A: Matched Cards
These cards have been flipped and thier scores have been added to the player's score (80 points/each).
B: Mismatched Cards
These cards have been flipped and a penalty (20 points/each) have been deducted from the card's score (60 points/each). The player's score is unaffected.