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Below are some samples of games I have made by myself ( Besides music / sound effects ). This is more of a showcase of different game genres and to show my versatility. These games may behave differently on different browsers but have been tested on every major PC browser (and the Android platform for the JavaScript games). I have tested these links using Pop-up blockers; However you're browser may behave differently. If you are having trouble playing in a new window: Use the "Play in new tab" buttons.

I have many more projects in the works and this page will be updated as they are completed.
Some of these games are made using third-party plugins (ie Flash) and therefore may require a browser add-on. You will be prompted to download if this is the case.


PetMem - Memory Excersize

Petmem is a fun web based game that all ages can enjoy!

  • Made with JavaScript - No Need to download a Plugin!
  • Universal - Hardly any prior game skill required!
  • Works on portable devices!
  • Colorful Designs the whole family will love!
PetMem is a classic memory game that everyone already knows how to play; just click some cards and try to match all the cards!

This game has 8 challenging levels and the advanced ai will ensure you will never have exact same experience each time you play.

PetMem is a game that you can play forever yet never master and never need to be shown the rules. If, however you are still confused: There is a robust Help menu to fill you in!

Ultra Custodian

Ultra Custodian - Web Build

Janitorial Simulator

  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Clean toilets and sinks
  • Pick up and take out garbage
  • Use wages to purchase lockers for more tools, money, and Easter eggs!
  • 4 Different Challenging modes; Including a robust tutorial!

Ultra Custodian is the first janitor game on the planet! Finally you can experience the rewards of public school maintenence. Made with unity in C#

Starting with trash, you will slowly earn the ability to clean more things by purchasing lockers. Some lockers contain trash, some have tools (Broom and Mop) and some contain easter eggs to spruce up your school!

Movie Puzzle

Movie Puzzle

Test your puzzle skills with Classic Movie Scenes

  • Based on popular Sci-fi and Horror films
  • A simple classic with a modern GUI
  • Multiple Difficulties
A fun little Flash-based drag and drop puzzle game with difficulty selection and a hint button to help you out.

Scenes from these classic movies:
  • They Live
  • Poltergiest
  • Total Recall
  • and More!