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About me

I have always had a fascination with technology and Art throughout my life. Video games were a natural progression from there, and I have many fond memories of days at the arcade and nights on my NES yelling at the screen. At the same time, I was one of the first nerds on the world wide web, as we called it back then. I remember as a kid it seemed like computers were just magic and I was never going to understand more than the using the D-Pad or mouse and everything under the hood was too complicated to comprehend. I concentrated on artistic endeavors and was even accepted into a TAG school to study painting and fine art in high school.

Then a neighbor introduced me to the BASIC language and SDK. I understood it intuitively once the rules were explained to me. Over the years I slowly taught myself to code in different languages by reading all the source code I could get my hands on at the time. HTML was obviously one of the first languages I picked up. For a while I was not sure where I was headed in life because I was torn between technical and artistic disciplines which seemed a world apart.

I decided I was going to go into IT/Security as I also into (Ethical) hacking and networking. I earned my A+ and Net+ (CompTIA) and some Windows Certifications and decided that while the field was intriguing and I still have a passion for the discipline, it was just not enough for me, I wanted to make the software as well. I started making games in my free time just for fun and I really became addicted to making games more than even playing them. So much so I decided to take night classes to learn game design while working during the day. I decided to go full-time and earned my Bachelor’s in Animation and Game Design, filling in the blanks as far as my understanding of software/media development. In school I made sure to concentrate on web technologies as this was a natural transition from my shift from networking.

Before and after graduating I have worked nearly non-stop on everything from assets to full applications both professionally and in my free time and I have worked for companies including the U.S. Military on everything from web banners to full-blown level 3 simulations, to Maya rigs and Scripts and everything in between.